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Controls Library
Built-in Page Editor
Built-in Keyboard (iPad Only)
Built-in Pads Controller (iPad Only)
Built-in 16 Channels MIDI Mixer (iPad Only)
Visual Pages Manager
Missing Link™ & OSC
Wicki-Hayden Notes Layouts
Controls Library :

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Built-in Page Editor :

  • Multi selection and Fine Move

  • SysEx messages with checksum and request for bi directionality

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Built-in Keyboard (iPad Only) :

  • Editable Knobs, Ribbon, Wheels and Keys Y Tracking

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Built-in Pads Controller (iPad Only) :

  • Unlimited User Pads Banks

  • Unlimited number of MIDI messages per Pad (include pad’s X/Y Tracking)

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Built-in 16 Channels MIDI Mixer (iPad Only) :

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Visual Pages Manager :

  • Move and Delete pages

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Missing Link™ & OSC :
(The Missing Link™ is a trademark of Jabrudian Industries LLC)
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Wicki-Hayden Notes Layouts :

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