iTuttle & iTuttle Lite graphic troubles with iOS 7

All our apologies about the iTuttle’s graphical issue on iOS 7. We don’t know what Apple exactly did on our binaries but be sure we didn’t have this problem on our tests iPads when we sent binaries to the AppStore reviewing process.
We don’t understand exactly what happens, we don’t know if it is because of iOS 7 or Xcode 5. The only thing we know is what Apple released is not what we sent to them (we explicitly put a setting to tell to iOS to not show the status bar on iOS 7 but it show it !).
We decided to rollback to iOS 6.1 SDK to prevent this problem. We know we will find a solution because it is a real trouble for adding Inter-App Audio support (we already have a version which works with IAA).
So, an iTuttle v1.0.3 and iTuttle Lite v1.0.3 are waiting for reviews. These two versions use iOS 6.1 SDK. We also add Audio Input on iTuttle.
We hope you understand our problems which are beyond our control.