TB MIDI Stuff v3

Just to say that TB MIDI Stuff v3, wich fix a lot of bugs due to the evolution of iOS and be entirely rethought, is on the way.

This major update will be available in 2020, november. And it will also work on macOS Catalina et Big Sur (Apple Silicon ready !).


Some people already saw it, iTuttle is now free for life. And it will be the same for the rev2 !!!
We are installing a donationware system on our website to make some free iPad apps, plug-ins (macOS and Windows) and some NI Reaktor ensembles.

About TB MIDI Stuff v3

Three years ago, we announced the start of the development of th third major releaqe of TB MIDI Stuff. Today, nothing is available…
We want to give you some explanations.
The first years, our lead and only developer (Fabien MANCHEC) worked for Moog Music to do some app with they (Theremini Advanced Software editor, Theremini and Sub 37 firmware updater and the famous Model 15 for iOS).
Then, we had some other projetcs to « pay the bills ». Since last february, Fabien MANCHEC works with Michel Geiss and Jean Lochard (from IRCAM) on a new synthesizer called « OctoPlus ». He is closed to finish this work. But. We have another priority projects. We can only talk about one at this time. iTuttle rev2, wich will be also available on macOS and Windows (Audio Unit, VST 2.4, VST 3, AAX).
So, TB MIDI Stuff v3 will continue to be late. All our appologies.

TB MIDI Stuff v3 Important Note

We have to confess we are very late on TB MIDI Stuff v3 development. This is due to some other projects we currently work on. We also have new ideas for this version and the necessary work grows up quickly.
So, we decide to change the release period to 2016, late september or early october. All our appologies for this decision.
We will do an update of the curent version to support iPhones 6/6+/6S/6S+ and iPad Pro.

Important News

We are now available to work at full time for TBStuff apps. First, we will release a new iTuttle version with AudioBus 2 compatibility (and some other goodies), next, TB MIDI Stuff v3 (may be release with multiple updates).

TB MIDI Stuff v3 and iTuttle v2

Dear users,
Autumn is here but you didn’t see yet TB MIDI Stuff v3… The reason is we are very late on its development, because we work hard on another big project (for another company) and we can only work on TB MIDI Stuff on our free time (which is very rare…).
We just want you know the app is still alive, we think how we can achieve this version (may be some intermediate updates and not a big one).
iTuttle is also alive : we prepare a v2 with a lot of new features and a new UI. We don’t know when it will be available too, for the same reasons as TB MIDI Stuff.
Thanks for your patience and your support !